Narkanda – Paradise Unspoilt

As I sat on a bench atop Narkanda’s (नारकंडा) Hatu Peak (हाटू पीक), gazing at the distant snow-capped mountains, my mind was occupied with but one thought: what must it feel like to stand at the foot of those lofty mountains? Even from a height of 3400 metres (11,152 feet) where I was, the mountains appeared to go far high […]

Like a Bird – A New Journey Begins

UPDATE: I had given up on it, but I managed to finish the decade with a travel book in my name! I am glad to present my first book, Travelpeeda (peeda is Sanskrit/Hindi for pain), which is available for purchase on Amazon. This blog post brings me great joy. After no less than a decade of dilly-dallying, I am finally […]