After years of trying to figure out where I fell on the political spectrum, I realized I lay at the centre. There where the twain appears to meet but doesn’t actually. Those on the left think I am a right-wing nut; those on the right accuse me of being a leftist, pseudo-liberal. It is pretty lonely choosing not to don an ideological hat and taking issue-based positions instead.

Solitude is something I love. So, being lonely is not what troubles me. What does is the ideological wars being fought the world over day in and day out, vitiating the atmosphere past redemption and leaving many a critical issue unresolved. My blog is a canvas on which I attempt to capture things from this independent perspective. It is not right. Not wrong. And certainly not politically correct. Talking of the canvas, the beautiful painting you see at the top of the page is a free stock image I got from unsplash.com.

I plan to start a podcast (religion) soon and am hoping to bring out a book (travel) before the end of this year. This book has been so long in the works that anyone I have ever mentioned it to no longer takes me seriously. Only on this one thing, okay?! Anway, if I don’t come out with these two things soon enough, do remind me. I forget easily.

As for how I earn my sabzi-roti or daal-chawal or bread and butter (whatever you like), I do copy editing. I have been doing it since 2009. Do I love my work? Yes. Did I choose this for myself? No. It just happened to me. My higher education was mostly useless (I know what you are thinking). What I wanted to do in life, I couldn’t. Now, I don’t want to do anything in life. Okay, I am exaggerating. Even contradicting myself. Now that you know how I keep the chulha in my kitchen burning, do consider hiring my services. I think I am a good editor.

I realize I have been blabbering for far too long. If you are still reading this over, I must congratulate you. You are a treasure trove of patience. No pun intended. Seriously. If this is your first visit to my website and the first time you are reading this, I hope to see you more often. If you have visited my website before and I have seen you around more than once, and this happens to be the first time you are reading this, heck, what were you waiting for?