Remember that peppy Kishore Kumar song “… jaate thhey Japan, pahunch gaye Cheen, samajh gaye na?” That’s me – like hundreds of thousands of people from around the world who find themselves in professions they didn’t study for or didn’t intend to be in.

It’s not as if my entry into the field of editing was entirely accidental. Far from it. I was writing and editing in school, in university, and even in a job with an international educational organization. Editing came naturally to me, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. So, when I wanted to make productive use of a couple of months of free time between a gruelling exam and the declaration of the result, I snapped up a writing and editing job. The result came. I failed. The job – a filler until then – became my mainstay. After a few years of working full time, I decided to go independent and concentrate solely on editing. That’s how worddelights.com came into being.

There, that’s my boring story. But hey, my life ain’t boring. I consider myself fortunate to have the time and circumstances to indulge in activities that uplift my soul – yoga, meditation, reading, cooking, and travelling. For a very long time, I had the desire to put together my travel experiences, which have been many, in the form of a book. Several things held me back, laziness topping the list. The book idea has gone into cold storage but not the idea itself of telling all those stories. I now blog about my adventures at Like a Bird. On other sundry topics, ranging from politics and society to environment and food, I blog at Contemplation.

Thanks for stopping by. I look forward to hearing from you.