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De-demonizing Men and Patriarchy – The Way Forward for Gender Justice and Equality

Kerthio mentioned nothing about these plans to her husband. After all, the women’s tradition was never spoken about with the men of her village. While a father knew in general terms that the tradition existed… most men understood very little else – not what the operation entailed, not that it was being planned, and often not even that it had […]

Sanitary Napkins or Not, India Needs To Break Free Of Menstrual Taboos

I don’t have to go around the town talking about my periods, but when I need to, I shouldn’t have to feel ashamed of it. I shouldn’t have to be red-faced when asking for a packet of sanitary napkins in a medical store, and the salesman shouldn’t have to hunt for a newspaper or a black plastic bag to sneak […]

Beyond Myths and Legends – A Rendezvous with Nagaland

“Nagas are very dangerous people,” a serving officer of the Indian Air Force, posted in Assam, father to three children – all in the armed forces – warned me on the train. “People carrying spears and bows-and-arrows are a very common sight in Nagaland. Tum dekhna (You’ll see). The boys are ferocious. They go around in gangs, riding bikes rashly. […]

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